Floorball. Caen continues its development and remains ambitious


Caen Floorball, a club created in 2008, continues to grow with a women's section and youth teams. In parallel, his first team is targeting the final square of Nationale 1.

Caen Floorball started the season with three wins in as many games.
Caen Floorball started the season with three wins in as many games. (© Aline Chatel / Sport in Caen)

Gently but surely, the floorball continues its development Caen and in La France. This hockey in room without skates, very accessible as much financially as in its form of game, leaves little by little of its confidentiality. If the number of practitioners remains low in the hexagon, a hundred or so Caennais regularly taps into the light ball of a sport mostly represented in Northern Europe. A U11 slot has been launched this season, completing an already rich offer of U16, a reserve team and an elite first team. The Caen Floorball also inaugurated its women's section. Vincent Grieu, founder of the club and player:

We will launch a women's championship with other teams from the west of France. It will be a reduced competition over three days in three against three (instead of five against five, ed).

The priority of the club resides in the democratization of the discipline, the performances are associated with it. Caen won his first three games of National 1 (the first French division) against Paris UC (8-3), Marseille (11-2) and Lyon (3-6). "It's very good, but we have faced teams of bottom of the table, including two promoted. These results show us that we have a good level but we have not yet had a big test. Do not ignite. "

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Goal semifinals in N1

The construction operated by Caen however bears fruit. "We have integrated young players, says Vincent Grieu. This is important because the regulations have evolved. We are now on effective playing times. The matches always last three times twenty minutes, but the clock stops with each whistle. "It takes more stamina, so it's important to have more rotations. "The training work is nothing trivial and can allow Caen Floorball to nurture ambitions.

Go into playoffs this season, it's mandatory. There are eight qualified against four last season. But being a little ambitious, we can not be content with the quarterfinals.

After missing the final stages last year, Caen can legitimately aim for the final four. Saturday, November 23, he will be able to gauge before the IFK Paris, vice-champion of France in title. The next day, he will face Amiens, red lantern of the ranking in great difficulty. This weekend in Paris will surely help to refine the place of the Norman club in the French hierarchy …

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