Fredl taps the 15th round of the Tipico Bundesliga


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After the international break is now the 15th round of the tipico Bundesliga in front of the door. Our omniscient Oracle Alfred "Fredl" Tatar has come to terms again and has predicted the results of the upcoming six pairings of the weekend.

The tip-up on Saturday immediately causes a surprise, as "Fredl" taps at the meeting between the "Bulls" from Salzburg and St. POlten on a 2-0 away win of the Lower Austrians. The surprise series does not stop, because according to Tatar SV Mattersburg wins after the last five defeats now calculated against the Wolfsberg AC. It will be Torreich in the match between Tyrol and LASK. 4: 2 win the Linz against the WSG Tyrol, so "Fredl".


"Fredl" predicts for Sunday that the crisis-stricken Austria fights slowly out of the swamp with a 3-1 away win against the bottom of the table Admira. The duel Styria vs. Vorarlberg, Hartberg can decide for itself. According to Tatar, the Altacher are subject to the TSV with 1: 3. "Last but not least", "Fredl" in the encounter between Rapid and Sturm taps on a 2-1 for the Hutteldorfer. The oracle has spoken.

Tips of the 15th round at a glance:

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