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#LeyDeCupo The Chamber of Deputies passed the National Folklore Law in schools and the Women's Quota Law in musical events. The first incorporates curricular contents of folklore at all levels of the education system, while the second establishes a minimum of 30 percent of solo women and / or female or mixed musical groups in events that summon more than three musical groups, INAMU being the authority of application.

#Present continuous Why so elegant, Homer? Because Babasonicos will release a new show for its presentation tour of Debatable, tomorrow at 21 at Luna Park. They will also defend their new albums Karina Vismara (Jungle, today at 20.30, C.C. Richards), Cachitas Now! (Chonga, today at 23.30, Cultural Space La Quince), Julian Teran (Evangelical Life, tomorrow at 21, Roseti), Marta Gorostiaga, alter ego of performer Fede Papp (The era of the pose, tomorrow at 21, C.C. Richards); Cameron (Windshield, tomorrow at 21, Atlas, Rosario), Negramarta (Chinese rose, tomorrow at 21.30, C.C. Graciela Carena), Looking Up (her single 4:00, tomorrow at 23, Nicaragua 4462), rapper Giulyflow (Break, Sunday at 18, Gier) and the Morthifera trash-metalheads (Apocryphal, Sunday at 18, Uniclub).

#AnyGoogleGo Click on a birthday: Nipples Cardozo will celebrate its show number 300 with a touch tomorrow at 20 at the Marquee, while the M28 platenses will celebrate 7 years of metal with concert tomorrow at 18 at Uniclub, along with friendly bands like NUM and Arthemisia. Click gamer: Power Up will tour intros and endings of classic video games, with more than 50 musicians in symphonic format, competitions and anime culture, today at 21 at the Colosseum Theater. Escabio Click: If you are a subtle language, La Ruta del Gin invites tasting round of different varieties of London drinks, today and Friday 29/11 in Living. Click and bye 2019: Sonia & Intensos will say goodbye until 2020 with their last show today at 23 at Casa Colombo.

#Customs Parallel Australian DJ Juliet Fox will host electronic party today at midnight in Crobar, with Romina Cohn and Jorge Ciccioli as guests; while the French of the people, Manu Chao, will add this Sunday at 7 pm a new function at El Teatro, with its trio format, El Chapulin Solo. Also tonight, the Japanese Acid Mothers Temple will unleash space-rock at Uniclub, and the Mexican The Warning will be invited to touch Eruca Sativa at the Museum.

#High season If the weekend asks for romance, you can follow the debut of the Argentine dark miniseries Unconvincing, with Tomas Fonzi and Laurita Fernandez as a couple in which no one stands (from today, Cablevision Flow), or embark on the second of the Spanish nautical soap opera High seas (as of today, Netflix). It also opens the revisionist Hernan, on the conquering races of Hernan Cortes and La Malinche (since Sunday, History Channel).

#Enfiestados The Genesis and Get Down party franchises will merge for the Groove Factory Party, which will release the sets of Kevin Toro, Uatermelon, Axel Ferrer and Martino Ressi, today at midnight on Volt. In addition, the Fun Fun Party will put electronic with Djs Pareja + Ilsa Wolf (today at 23.30, Shamrock Basement), Black Cream will propose free perreo (tomorrow at 23.30, Groove) and #LaMashap will link cumbias and reggaetones in Uniclub (tomorrow at midnight).

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