Government brings IS-woman back to Germany for the first time


AThis weekend, for the first time with the support of the Federal Government, a woman is to return to Germany, which had emigrated to the territory of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). So far, Germany had only helped with the exodus of children from Syrian prison camps. The Foreign Ministry said: "We can confirm that today three other German children, who were in custody in northern Syria, were able to travel from there to Iraq with their mother."

According to dpa information, the family who last lived in the camp Al-Hol should come back to Germany on Saturday. According to the information is being investigated against the woman in Germany. She has, in addition to her own children, a two-year-old girl with American nationality in her care, which probably does not come to Germany. The organization of emigration to Iraq is said to have involved a former American diplomat.

With regard to women who want to return from prison camps in Syria, the Federal Government had recently declared that they would look at each individual case. In August, three orphans and a seriously ill child from IS families were brought to Germany via Iraq.

Netherlands do not have to bring back

In recent weeks, there have been two court decisions of the Higher Administrative Court Berlin-Brandenburg on IS returnees. In both cases, the federal government was asked to bring women who live in a Kurd-controlled camp in Syria together with their children to Germany. In its reasoning, the court stated that the children were traumatized and dependent on caring for the mother. For its part, the Foreign Office had asserted security concerns.

In Turkey, two German women who were previously imprisoned in Syria are currently awaiting deportation to Germany with a total of five children. One of two suspected IS women who were deported from Turkey to Germany last week was arrested on her arrival on suspicion of being a member of the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State and other crimes.

For the time being, the Netherlands does not have to bring IS women and children home from North Syrian camps. A court of appeal ruled on Friday the Dutch government right and decided against an application of the persons concerned, as the news agency ANP reported. Twenty-three Dutch women suspected of IS terrorists and their 56 children wanted to force their return against the government.

Last week, a court of first instance ruled that at least the children should be brought home. The appeals court overturned this decision. The case is a political matter and therefore not a matter for the courts. "It is up to the politicians to deal with the miserable situation of these children," said the court, according to a report by the newspaper "de Volkskrant". After the verdict, several family members of those affected broke out in tears. At first, it was not clear whether the plaintiffs wanted to go to the Supreme Court.

The women had traveled to war zones in Syria and Iraq in recent years. Government lawyers argue that women's recovery is too risky because of the dangerous situation in the region. The retrieval of IS fighters rejects The Hague in principle.

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