In Amiens, Emmanuel Macron inaugurates the first Maison France Services


These structures include several public services such as the Post Office, Pôle Emploi or Medicare. 2000 must be created by 2022.

In order to show his commitment to local public services, Emmanuel Macron inaugurated this Friday in a popular district of northern Amiens the first House France Services, a device created to meet the demands of yellow vests for neglected territories. This establishment is one of 460 that must be labeled by January.

"Because when we live in a poor neighborhood, when we live in the isolation of the very rural as urban troubled, we want a place where we will solve your problems," said the head of state in the district of Pigeonnier, by visiting "L'Atrium", a district town hall that brings together municipal services and state services.

Two long walkabouts

He took advantage of this visit, one of the stages of his two days in Amiens, to make two long baths of crowd before and after, where he was welcomed rather favorably by residents who crowded for selfies. Some questioned him on issues related to purchasing power or the price of fuel.

"The people are nice? You got mugged?", Asked the head of state to the reception staff entering the building "No, no, that's okay," responded the employees. He then interviewed officials. "I've seen a lot of people saying, I want work, what are you doing?" He asked representatives of the Local Employment Mission.

2000 Houses France Services by 2022

"When we put in more taxes, Pole employment, culture, and digital, it will change even more" the lives of people, he said. "Many people do not go to places where there is administration, it's scary, these are not necessarily happy places." If we put the association, the quality of welcome, the culture, we bring another experience ".

460 Maisons France Services are scheduled to open on January 1, 2020, out of the 2000 that the government plans to create by 2022, with stricter requirements compared to 1340 public service houses created under Francois Hollande.

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