It is called freedom of expression


"Everytime that Miguel Angel Ramirez talk, someone gets upset. "This he said a few months ago on these same pages Nestor Doreste about the president of Las Palmas, a club that had a lot of life, all that fits in 56 years of history, before 2005. Long before, in 1951, Doreste, as a member, arrived at the YOU. Of course, a voice more than authorized to talk about the yellow entity, which lives in convulsive times, permanently wandering the rite, perhaps determined to make an enemy mistake, continued its contempt for those who stopped treating as fans to turn them into customers. The personalization of success and now also of feeling is the last notch of a revolver that points to a social mass against which it cannot, however much it would like, nor its own SEA.

The press conference he offered Ramirez Last Thursday is worth studying. For some time now, the top yellow leader gives signs of wear, synonymous with defeat, of the battle that the club itself began. Always gallant in front of a microphone, a journalistic treat for its ease of making headlines, he dared to say, for example, that "if you are against the president of Las Palmas, do not subscribe." Take it now! Wanting to convince you that both are the same, inviting you to think that it is not compatible. He also states that write in Twitter # RamirezVeteYa or # RamirezVendeYa It implies "challenging" the club. Actually, it's called freedom of expression. What's more. Or are you with me, or are you against Las Palmas ‘Divide and you will win’, they will think of the UD. But the shot is getting into the foot.

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