Javier Aguirre reveals that Chivas tried to repatriate him to Liga MX


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Javier Aguirre, new coach of Leganes, revealed that Chivas He sought to repatriate him as technical director in Mexico. However, the Basque said he does not feel qualified to lead in our country, because he has been abroad for many years.

"Yes we talk to people from Chivas, I have said a few years ago. I left Mexico in 2001, we are talking about 18 years, 36 short tournaments, the amount of water that went under the bridge. I don't see Chivas as a coach, I have spoken with several teams, it is idle to give names now.

"There are 10 or 12 teams from Mexico that have important contacts, who could go tomorrow to help tomorrow in sports areas, not on the bench because I am not trained for it," said the Basque for Unanimo sports.

On the other hand, questioned about whether it would give opportunity to Diego Lainez at Leganes, given that the Mexican youth is erased in the Betis, Javier Aguirre He said that while he is a player who catches his attention, it is not time to seek a transfer from the player, since he first wants to see the material that the club has.

"Not only for Lainez, but there are a lot of very valid Mexicans. All Spanish teams and I can attest to that, they have Mexican players on their lists. Already now there is a very important agenda of Mexican players that can be valid in Spain and already being in Europe.

"(Lainez) He is a very interesting, attractive, young player, I don't know his contractual status, but at this specific moment I cannot move token, because it is too early to make a judgment "he indicated.

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