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Self-help has been stigmatized by many. I include myself there. I formed that image of basura junk content ’by seeing my mother, my aunts and her friends reading self help in magazines for women like Cosmopolitan or Vanities.

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Articles of this topic also appeared in the classic publication Selections of the Readers Digest. It was an easy magazine to digest, with interesting topics and very popular in the 60s and 70s. Sometimes in the middle of the section "Laughter, infallible remedy", and other varied articles, I was going through a self-help text.

I read it with that double moral of young man where we are ashamed of everything. Deep down I knew that the self-help article would help me for something, but I didn't want anyone to see me reading it.

It is not free for a self-help topic to appear in a magazine, whose ease of reading was well known to the publishing and advertising industry. Communication analysts said the articles of Selections of the Readers Digest They were simple and friendly in both form and substance.

Self help and human needs

But, independent of that ease of reading, self-help is a box office issue that appeals to basic human needs. That is, have more health, more money and more love.

Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. We all have the right to seek those divine gifts and self-help is a way to reach them.

Of course, you will tell me that there are many charlatans in the self-help industry. That's right. You can even mention the case of the author of the book How to save your marriage? He ended up killing his wife. Those paradoxes pass.

But self-help is not only a valid resource to live better, but it is an industry that has been moving billions of dollars for a long time. And I really don't think that market feels cheated and keeps buying.

Self help and business

In chapter # 15 of the Mil Words podcast I share how self-help can help in business, in the creation and strengthening of your venture, or in your professional career.

I start from a principle that I learned from James Wedmore: «We have to change from the inside to reach the goals».

I also tell you:

– Personal errors that I try to correct with self-help.
– How the blows of life change the perspective of life and business.
– Why self-help helps you resize your personal and professional goals.
– How the inner energy is transformed to fulfill a higher purpose and transcend what we do.
– The way fears are overcome and we become more authentic.

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