Rafa Nadal and Granollers in the 2019 Davis Cup doubles match today


Good first set by Rafa Nadal and Marcel Granollers (6-4) to put Spain ahead in the third and final match of the Davis Cup quarterfinals against Argentina. They got to enjoy 4-1 on the scoreboard, but they knew how to react the Argentines to make it 4-4. The Spanish team was not surprised and ended up aiming for the first round, 6-4 in 41 minutes. Spain one set from the semifinal of the Davis Cup.

6-4 BREAK AND SET FOR SPAIN! Good shots of Nadal, who wins the pulse of Gonzalez. Spain takes over the first set of this doubles match in the quarterfinals of the Davis Cup.

(5-4) 30-40 Again ball to the body, this time Marcel, to save a break ball. There is another one!

(5-4) 15-40 He is wrong on the Gonzalez network, they are two set balls for Spain with the service of Argentina.

(5-4) 15-15 Why a little! The rest escapes Granollers.

(5-4) 0-15 Squeeze Spain, with the rest.

5-4 BLANK GAME FOR SPAIN to get back on the scoreboard.

(4-4) 40-0 Good serve by Nadal and the rest of the Argentine stays in his field.

(4-4) 30- 0 Another ace of Nadal.

4-4 ARGENTINA REACTS AND PUTS THE TABLES. Three consecutive games of the Argentines to put the tables on the scoreboard.

(4-3) 30-30 Good rest now from Granollers. They left him the whole hall to put the parallel in pleasure.

(4-3) 30-15 The rest of Nadal does not pass.

(4-3) 15-15 Good ball now from Nadal at Gonzalez's feet.

(4-3) 15-0 for the Argentine couple. The rest went to Nadal.

4-3 BREAK OF ARGENTINA. He took advantage of the third. Gonzalez rested Nadal's body, which had to take the ball off. Shorten distance the Argentine couple, who will try to put the tables with their service.

(4-2) 30-40 And also saves the second Spain, good service. Keep another one!

(4-2) 15-40 The first one is saved. He failed with the rest Gonzalez after a good service of Catalan.

(4-2) 0-40 Three break balls for Argentina!

(4-2) 0-30 Problems now with the service of Marcel Granollers.

4-2 New blank game from Argentina, but still down on the scoreboard with a break against.

(4-1) 40-0 Do not lower your arms Argentina. Solid at Leo Mayer service.

4-1 CONSOLIDATED SPAIN EL BREAK. Great reaction of Nadal, as soon as he saw his service in danger, he raised the bar and maintained the advantage on the scoreboard.

(3-1) 40-40 And now an ace from Manacor to save the second! Deuce.

(3-1) 30-40 Often take off Nadal to save the first break ball!

(3-1) 15-40 Marcel's mistake now at the crossing. Two break balls for Argentina.

(3-1) 15-30 It does not give enough height to the Nadal ball from the bottom of the court. You have to turn this game around to consolidate the break.

(3-1) 0-15 Marcel's mistake, he went to hit, decided to leave it to Nadal, but late, he had already touched the ball lightly.

3-1 BREAK FOR SPAIN !! Marcel well in the rest and solve Nadal with a passing.

(2-1) 40-AD New break ball for Spain.

(2-1) 40-40 Argentina saves.

(2-1) 30-40 What a winning Nadal rest! and break ball for Spain.

(2-1) 15-30 Spain gets ahead for the first time with the service of the Argentines.

(2-1) 15-15 Well Granollers causing Leo's mistake.

(2-1) 15-0 Nadal long rest with the service of Gonzalez.

2-1 Marcel also carries out his service. They have only given one point to the rest.

(1-1) 15-15 Now yes, Nadal determinant with his volley.

(1-1) 0-15 Nadal's volley is marching out.

1-1 BLANK GAME FOR ARGENTINA. Solid service of Leo Mayer.

1-0 GAME FOR SPAIN. It crosses well in the Granollers network and does not forgive with the volley. Good service of the Balearic and always a guarantee the Catalan in the network.

(0-0) 40-15 Nadal is going long. The Argentines reacted well in the network, the Balearic managed to return it but it went a long way.

(0-0) 30-0 Nadal's winning parallel right, he saw the hole well and put it where the Spaniard wanted.

(0-0) 15-0 Long the rest of Mayer, first point of the match for Spain.


22:40 Nadal, the last to try the service. Already all sitting on the bench. This is about to start!

22:38 The protagonists are already on track. Warm-up time before the key doubles duel in Davis Cup.

22:34 There is nothing left for the third and final match of these quarterfinals to begin Davis cup. Spain wants to complete the comeback and now puts himself in the hands of Marcel Granollers and Rafa Nadal.

22:33 The players from Spain and Argentina are returning to this central court of the Magic Box!

22:30 Veterans duel. Nadal and Granollers, both 33, and Leo Mayer and Maximo Gonzalez, 32 and 36, respectively. Above them is the future of Spain and Argentina in this Davis Cup!

22:25 Maximum excitement in these quarterfinals of the Davis Cup between Spain and Argentina. In a few minutes the decisive match will begin with the doubles between Granollers and Nadal against Mayer and Gonzalez. The victory has a prize: being in the semifinal of this Davis Cup!

22:20 Instead, Argentina has bet on the same couple in this Davis cup, the one formed by Maximo Gonzalez and Leo Mayer, the same one who will then jump to the track to measure the Spanish couple. In the case of the Argentines they won the first game against Chile, but lost to Germany.

22:16 Spain he has won his two doubles matches played to date in these finals of the Davis cup from Madrid. First Feliciano and Granollers imposed themselves on the Russian duo, giving the victory in the tie to Spain. Then, the Catalan was accompanied by Nadal on the track to put the 3-0 in the series against Croatia with the quarterfinal ticket already in his pocket.

22:11 With the ticket already in his pocket, the United Kingdom hopes to meet his rival in the Davis Cup semifinal tomorrow. Spain or Argentina, everything to decide in the doubles!

22:08 CONFIRMED. PLAY NADAL. The balaer will form a couple with Marcel Granollers, the same pair that was imposed on the Croatian couple last Wednesday, with the tie already decided. A pair that is well known and on which the presence of Spain in the semifinals of the Davis Cup will hang.

22:06 "I have to talk to the captain"Rafa Nadal said at the foot of the track in the Caja Magica about his participation in the doubles below.

22:02 It remains to be confirmed who will form a couple in this doubles match. The captain can change the initial plan. Granollers and Feliciano appear on the paper, but Manacor could jump again.

22:00 Everyone would want to have it on their team but Rafael Nadal is Spanish and has returned to comply, with his victory against Diego Schwartman has left alive Spain in this tie of Davis Cup quarterfinals before Argentina.

21.56 hours: Good night! Welcome to the final of the final doubles match of the tie between Spain and Argentina in the quarterfinals of the Davis Cup. After the defeat of Carreno and the victory of Nadal, the Spanish team is played in a doubles match that indicates that Nadal and Granollers will play. On the part of Argentina, Machi Gonzalez and Leo Mayer will play. This will be confirmed in a few minutes.

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