Required 16 months in prison for theft phones at festival


Six men and one woman from Colombia are on trial, but only two of them are still detained in the Netherlands. The five others were deported by the aliens police because they had a European entry ban. The two did not want to say anything to the judge, except that they had been to Spain and wanted to get to know the world.

Of the 113 mobile phones found with the Colombians, 71 have since returned to the owner. The Public Prosecution Service sees the theft as mobile banditism, in which there was a "sophisticated cooperation during the procession".

Telephone gangs at festivals

Festivals are a favorite target of such mobile gangs. In Mysteryland in Vijfhuizen dozens of telephones disappeared in August and at the Belgian music festival Pukkelpop in Hasselt a man was picked up the same month with 77 telephones in his backpack.

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