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So expensive is the parking in shopping malls


Motorists are annoyed: they are increasingly driven out of the inner cities. Driving bans make life difficult for them. Parking spaces are dismantled and replaced by bicycle parking spaces. The traders also complain. Your bill is simple: without parking the customers stay out.

Laughing third parties are the shopping centers. They are usually outside the city centers. And have parking lots en masse. And a wide range under one roof. At the same time, shopping trips with Swiss families are still popular.

When parking threatens the price hammer

A weekend shopping or shopping of Christmas gifts go into the money. In many shopping centers, the big surprise comes only at the parking machine. Blick makes the big price comparison and has examined the parking fees of eleven major shopping temples. And compared with the prices of 2017.

Noticeable: The Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon LU was the only one to cut prices. Parking now costs only half as much. With this decision, the Lucerne Mall, which was opened only two years ago, floats against the tide. Because the tendency is clear: Parking in shopping centers is becoming more expensive.

It costs more in St. Gallen and in Bern

Compared to 2017, for example, the Shoppyland SchOnbuhl BE has become more expensive. For one hour you pay 50 centimes. Four hours are twice as expensive.

However, you can not leave your car for more than eight hours. That costs 17 francs – and thus 11 francs more than two years ago!

The operators of the shopping arena in St. Gallen are also turning to the price. The hour costs 1.50 francs today. That's 50 percent more than two years ago. For four hours 6 francs are due.

The price has been doubled for one hour since 2017 at the Westside shopping center in Berne. From 20 to 40 cents. Four hours cost CHF 1.50.

Airport parking is becoming more and more expensive

At Zurich Airport, which is also one of the largest shopping centers in Switzerland, prices are skyrocketing. There, customers have to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets if they want to leave the car there. You pay 6 francs – from the very first minute! If you park for four hours, 18 francs will be on the receipt.

Airport spokesman Philipp Bircher justifies himself: "We offer numerous discounts, for example when parking reservations online or when you shop for more than 60 francs." In addition, the tariffs are not the same in all multi-storey car parks on the airport.

He explains the prices at the airport as follows: "We have the federal government's mandate that by 2030, 46 percent of all people should travel by public transport." In other words, to ensure that more people arrive by train, the parking fees must not be too attractive.

Also for the Zurich Sihlcity parking garage, the motorist needs plenty of change. For one hour you have to pay 3.50 francs. For four hours it is 8 francs.

VCS wants even higher fees

The Swiss Traffic Club (VCS) is campaigning for even higher fees. For Michael TOngi (52), Greens National Council and President VCS Lucerne, it is clear: "Parking fees are important because they have a steering effect."

This means that public transport will be more attractive. "Fees in shopping centers but also help retailers in the village center to survive against the big green on the meadow," says TOngi.

The Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) is firmly opposed to an increase in parking fees. Speaker Daniel Graf raises the dunning finger. "The parking lot is increasingly threatening to become a luxury item," he warns.

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