The demand of Hugo Sierra to Adara


Today is not a secret that the passage of Adara by ‘Big Brother VIP 7’ is influenced by litigation with Hugo Sierra, his ex-boyfriend and winner of ‘GH: Revolution’. Now, through an exclusive of the Lecturas magazine, some of the details of the demand that the businessman has brought against the exmodel.

It looks like, saw is clear that he wants to get custody of the son that they have in common at any price and, therefore, their best weapon to achieve an advantage is to generate the worst possible situation for the exazafata, who, as he has said on several occasions, does not tolerate the words he has dedicated to them in the last weeks to her or her idyll with a contest partner, Gianmarco Onestini.

Adara and Hugo, from 'GH 17'

Adara and Hugo, from 'GH 17'

When there are still weeks, days or hours of competition left to Adara, the picture that awaits you outside is anything but hopeful: If you want to continue taking care of your son she alone, will have to overcome the attacks of her ex-partner, who had not communicated her intention to sue her and demands a change in the child's care regime.

After ending their relationship unilaterally, the main objective of saw At the moment it is to be able to be part of the life of your child to the same extent as the mother of the child and, with that intention, as people around the environment have said businessman to the aforementioned magazine, the east has asked for "precautionary measures to protect their interests" and "goes for all".

Elena, Adara's mother ('GH VIP 7'), speaks out about the demand of her ex-son Hugo Sierra

Elena, Adara's mother ('GH VIP 7'), speaks out about the demand of her ex-son Hugo Sierra

For now, the exmodel It is far from being able to imagine what is coming up. As Elena recently said, the mother of Adara, most likely, this does not take anything well the attack of his ex partner, much less considering the circumstances of solitary confinement in which he finds himself: “I am very worried how Adara will react. I imagine that bad. I don't talk to him because I preferred to stop talking. I understand your position on some things, but not on this. ”

According to Lecturas, despite the express request that the lawsuit be communicated to Adara, the ex-model will not receive any information about the procedure initiated against her while she is still at home. Apparently, the reason for this decision, according to that circle of trust, would be that the Uruguayan supposedly "don't want destabilize it"Or destroy their hopes of taking the winner's bag.

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