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Posted on November 22, 2019 at 12:07 pm

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We can think that we want Deontay Wilder, but he is difficult to blame him for lacking panache.

Summoned contractually to play two fights before returning to face Tyson Fury in February, he could have chosen any stooge to defend for the tenth time in a row his WBC title and ensure an easy win.

Except that instead the Bronze Bomber decided to offer a revenge to the MGM Grand Las Vegas to one of the toughest opponents he ever had to faceCuban Luis Ortiz.

Unbeaten in 42 fights (41 wins, 40 knockouts, 1 draw), Wilder had indeed missed little to bite the dust on March 3, 2018 face to the one who is nicknamed not without reason King Kong.

After having dominated technically in most rounds, Ortiz had then sounded at the seventh resumption of a counter of the right hand that had cut off his legs while the rain of blows that followed made it dangerously wavering. Saved by the bell, it had then taken very little for the American does not collapse on the ground.

Fortunately for him, the sticks of dynamite he has in his arms allowed him to put an end to the debates by setting Ortiz to the tenth.

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Much more to lose than to win

From a strictly accounting point of view, there is therefore no no reason to risk defeat at this stage of his career (The new face-to-face against Fury is signed, no rule of the WBC forces him to iron the dishes …).

And all the more so if Deontay Wilder is clearly one of the most spectacular and entertaining boxers of his generation, it's largely due to his reputation for invincibility in a heavier category than ever before – cf.. Anthony Joshua who since his debacle against Andy Ruiz Jr. has seen his coast seriously nose down.

Not fallen from the last rain, if the world champion throws himself candidly into the mouth of the wolf is that he is persuaded to win more easily this time.

In his defense, a year and a half after their first confrontation he can boast at 34 years of being at the top of his form while at 40 years old (and even more to believe an insistent rumor about the veracity of his act of birth …) Luis Ortiz is not a partridge of the year.

Better, undefeated before getting into the ring against Wilder with 30 wins in a row, Ortiz was defeated for the first time, and in the most brilliant way. Psychologically, besides the ascendancy that this gives to his adversary, it's all his boxing that can be changed Saturday nightcf.. again Joshua who would be only after being sent to the carpet by Wladimir Klitschko in 2017 has lost much aggression later.

An accident is so quickly arrived

Nevertheless the Cuban has since left no sign of worry, who has meanwhile put the gloves on three occasions for victories against solid boxers (2 KO, 1 unanimous decision).

Conscious that the title has escaped him because of a failing cardio (he was a loser in the ninth and tenth round), Ortiz has also been forced to intense physical preparation that should make its effect.

Proof of its great form, yesterday as today the big names in the category continue to carefully avoid it.

Although favorite bettors, friend Deontay once so aggressive in a press conference surprisingly played quite modest during the promo circuit, even allowing himself to evoke a possible disappointment.

" If I lose it's like that. It's not a defeat that will change who I am. On the contrary, failure can sometimes be life-saving. It can be a source of motivation, it can help to find a new self-confidence. Life is ups and downs. "

On the side of Ortiz the speech is quite different. If it is clear that "Wilder is the best heavyweight of the decade", he says no less in the process "Until someone beats him".

And if that someone was King Kong?

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