The RFEF will travel to Valencia to fix the mess with the Super Cup


Next week, Several executives of the RFEF plan to travel to Valencia to have a meeting with the managers of Valencia in order to file rough and solve the conflict arisen by the amount to be paid for playing the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, as reported being Sports.

Shield / Flag Valencia

The secretary general of the federative entity, Andreu Camps, as AS has been able to find out, it will be the person who mediates between the RFEF and Valencia to try to solve the conflict before going to the artibrage that Rubiales suggested and accepted Valencia.

From the entity che transmit the will to listen to the proposal of the Federation and even of accept it if there is a significant increase in the amount to be received. However, if the RFEF's decision is to maintain the proposed conditions Do not rule out going to the TAS to give solution to the mess.

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