"The sex should not last long, and preferably with his wife", the good advice of Antonio Conte before a match


Antonio Conte took the reins of Inter Milan. – Insidefoto / Sipa USA / SIPA

It's a rich, rich interview about Antonio Conte's character and how he manages to train his teams behind his immutable 3-5-2. It is to read in Saturday's Team Magazine and is not limited to the following anecdote, therefore. But we can not resist sharing it anyway, because life is too short to not laugh a little.

The new coach of Inter is questioned about his rather intrusive management of his group, to give sexual advice to his players, such as what position to take before a match: "I was a player too … In period competition, the report should not last long, it should be as little effort as possible, being placed under his partner … And then do preferably with his wife, because well, you do not have to perform an exceptional service! ". All the originality of the advice is there: "Preferably with his wife". Antonio knows football well, nothing to say.

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