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"I saw that around me all the young recruits had a bac + 5. Leaving to train, I opted for a specialization that I did not really know, digital marketing. Leaving the professional world, returning to learn is an immense source of personal fulfillment. I discovered the insides of the Internet, the workings of online advertising, robotics, etc., "says Franck Herve, 40, marketing project manager at Krys, on the site There are countless testimonials from thirty-something, quadras and fifties (or even pensioners) who have gone back to school to obtain a diploma, from the professional certificate (CQP, CAP) to the university title (bachelor, master, doctorate or DU). , particularly suitable for continuing education. This is no accident: because of less linear career paths than in the past, the latest reforms that encourage reorientation, and the multiplicity and flexibility of training schemes, more and more experience, and to praise its benefits.

Their motives are multiple. Reconversion, acquisition of new skills or simply desire to learn: everything is good to plunge back into the studious atmosphere of the amphis. "When you've been in a business for a number of years, caught up in the routine, you forget to go for that stimulation linked to learning. Resuming studies means going out of one's comfort zone to surpass oneself ", reports Virginie, who wanted to evolve in her work at the age of 40. However, the enthusiasm shown by these students should not hide the reality. Because he is not tIt is always easy to find the habit of a learner in a formal setting. This change in status involves mixing with students who are sometimes as old as their children, mastering note-taking on smartphone and online project management, staying focused during long lectures, getting back to school. revise, relive the stress of exams, or agree to become an intern again. "In my old company, I have never known interns over 24 years old! So, at my age … I think that going from being a manager to a trainee will seem odd, "says Virginie.

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Puzzle to reconcile professional life and privacy

Added to this are the sacrifices required for long-term training, full-time or part-time, especially when you are an employee. "There is a saying in the training that I followed: we get married and we get divorced. I feel happy, this is not my case, "said Antoine Alexandre, a thirty-something computer developer in Metz, at theWorldLast April. Reconciling return to school, work and family life is often a puzzle. Triathlon requires not only a flawless organization, but also the support of loved ones, especially the spouse. If this is not the case, be careful! "To embark on a long training changes all your balance of life. I saw couples explode in flight, "warns coach and sociologist Sandrine Meyfret, author of The dual career Couple: a figure who reinvents the boundaries between private and professional life? (Knowledge and Knowledge, 2012). To overcome this delicate course, she advises to have "a real time of communication upstream, but also throughout the training. And even if the other is very present, we need relays: nannies, grandparents, help for the household … ".

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In 2016, according to the latest figures published by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, 99,200 diplomas have been awarded in continuing education by universities, or nearly 13% of all degrees and diplomas. 17,300 more than in 2013. A trend that should be accentuated by the law on the professional future of September 2018. Moreover, the possibility given to adults in resumption of studies to file a wish list on Parcoursup, the platform of enrollment in higher education, has had the effect "a sharp increase in these candidates compared to 2018 – it is a surprise of this edition", the admission of the ministry. Last July, they were 110,000 out of a total of 900,000.

  • 100,000 diplomas are awarded every year at universities with continuing education.
  • 40% of trainees Learners were employees in 2016.
  • 3 poles attract half of the workforce: personal services; human sciences and law; exchanges and management.

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