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Of the EV train remains the only opponent that the ZSC Lions never been able to defeat this season. With the 3: 1 in Zug the Central Swiss also decided the third season against the Leader for themselves. The deciding goals for the last defensively strengthened Zugers in the final third were Yannick-Lennart Albrecht and Jan Kovar.

Who expected a spectacle inevitably, because two of the offensively strongest teams faced the league, but was disappointed for long stretches. The respect of the two teams to each other was palpable, it developed a tough struggle for every inch of ice, and when it came to real scoring opportunities, Genoni representatives Luca Hollenstein and Lukas Flueler were always masters of the situation.

In the starting third Zugs Captain Raphael Diaz scored after a clear mistake by Chris Baltisberger the opening goal for the Central Swiss, the ZSC champion equalized the skore but shortly before the first siren yet.
In the middle third, Zug had a clear chance advantage, despite a shot ratio of 20: 8 but changed nothing on the score.

The ECC won a home game for the first time since October 11, Zurich has lost only two games this season for the second time this season. For both teams it continues on Saturday: The Lions receive Biel, Zug must travel to the Emmental to the SCL Tigers. (MKE)

Bern loses unhappy

The short upswing of the SC Bern 2: 1 win over leader ZSC is already over. Against Bern the Berne conceded a very painful 2: 3 home defeat. Thus, the SCB has lost five of the last six games and remains in the sobering tenth place in the table. There were 60 resinous, tedious minutes for the SCB. The Bernese can barely conceal that the list of injuries is getting longer and longer, now includes seven names. The Swiss champions are not lacking in the effort, he also tried against Lausanne – but also had a lot of trouble with the unspectacular game of the LHC, which leaves hardly any room for his opponents in his own zone.

The Berner led after 20 minutes 1-0, it needed a goal in the power play, which came about a bit by chance (because of game delay, as LHC defender Heldner shot the puck out of the field), but scored thanks energetic Thomas Rufenachts in the slot all the more energetic has been. But because the Bernese nerve costume is currently as thin as the squad, a slightly more open mid-range with now more active Lausans already reached that tilted the game.

The SCB went with a 1: 2-residue in the last third. But he reacted, playing the game virtually the entire remaining 20 minutes, equalized by Mursak too, and hit the winning goal. The fell, but on the other side, 77 seconds before the end: Christoph Bertschy fooled in a counter-attacking player Yanik Burren and met after a nice trick to 2: 3. (Kk)

SCL Tigers beat themselves

The SCL Tigers have missed out on expanding their winning streak. After last five wins the Langnauer lost in the Bern derby against Biel 1: 4. The team of Heinz Ehlers beat himself with seven small penalties. Yelicans scored three goals, Yannick Rathgeb booked the 1-1 (14th minute), top scorer Toni Rajala made the preliminary decision in the final third (47), Mike Kunzle topped the field (57.).

The Langnauer defeat seemed avoidable, the Emmentaler had caught the better start. Harri Pesonen, like Rajala in May, part of Finland's world championship team, scored the opening goal (10). To date, the shot ratio was from the guests' point of view 9: 2. After that, a balanced game took shape – the difference was made by the special teams.

Meanwhile, the Tigers, who are still classified above the line, complained about what they see to be too strict rule interpretation, the Bieler should soon announce the contract extension with number 2 goalie Elien Paupe. (Phr)

The Luganesi had understood

Six times in a row had the HC Lugano no longer won and it was on a six-point weekend. Should the HCL win against Rapperswil and the Ticino derby against Ambri not twice, it would be slow for the Ticino the bottom line. The Luganesi seemed to have understood. Because Gian-Marco Wetter of the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers already got a penalty for Hakens in the 2nd minute, Lugano got the chance to score.

Just under a minute was completed in power play when Raffaele Sannitz marked the 1-0. From then on, the HCL could not be stopped. Although the Lakers had the upper hand with 30:23 shots on goal, but Lugano won sovereign 5: 1. The first part of the weekend has made the Luganesi successful. On Saturday it continues in the Ticino derby in the Valascia. (Hua)

Friborg again successful in overtime

The French-Swiss duel Servette against Friborg has been twice in extra time this season. Both times Gotteron had the luck on his side (3: 2 in Geneva and 2: 1 at home). Because the two teams were again in Libra this time in Les-Vernets-Halle and Servettes Tim Bozon scored the 3: 3 46 seconds before the end, the third comparison went into overtime.

And how could it be otherwise: Exactly, this time Friborg was the team that forced the luck. Viktor Stalberg made his victory clear with his eighth goal of the season. Servette remains thus third in the table and Friborg slips despite two points back under the line. (Hua)

Icebreaker – the hockey podcast from Tamedia

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Train – ZSC Lions 3: 1 (1: 1, 0: 0, 2: 0)
6900 spectators. – SR Hebeisen / Dipietro; Kaderli / Gnemmi.
Gates: 13. Diaz (Martschini) 1: 0. 19. Chris Baltisberger (Marti, Noreau) 1-1. 43. Albrecht (Alatalo) 2: 1. 57. Kovar (Martschini) 3: 1. – Penalties: 8 times 2 minutes against Zug, 6 times 2 minutes against the ZSC Lions. – PostFinance topscorer: Hofmann; Roe.
train: Luca Hollenstein; Smurf, Alatalo; Diaz, Stadler; Zryd, Zgraggen; Thiry; Klingberg, Lindberg, McIntyre; Martschini, Kovar, Hofmann; Simion, Leuenberger, Meyer; Langenegger, Albrecht, Zehnder.
ZSC Lions: Winger; Noreau, Marti; Phil Baltisberger, Geering; Trutmann, Berni; Blindenbacher; Pettersson, Roe, Suter; Denis Hollenstein, Kruger, Bodenmann; Wick, Prassl, Diem; Chris Baltisberger, Schapi, Pedretti.
Remarks: Train without Genoni, Bachofner, Schnyder, Morant, Thorell and Senteler. ZSC Lions without Sigrist (all injured) and Ortio (surplus foreigner). – Post Shots: 23. Wick, 59. Suter. – Timeout ZSC Lions (58.), 56:54 without goalie.

Bern – Lausanne 2: 3 (1: 0, 0: 2, 1: 1)
15'559 spectators. – SR Muller / Stricker, Ambrosetti / Fox.
Gates: 10th Ruefenacht (Untersander, Arcobello / Exclusion Heldner) 1: 0. 30. Genazzi (Vermin, Moy) 1: 1. 40. (39:07) Nodari (Lindbohm, Bertschy) 1: 2. 42. Mursak (Colin Gerber, Burren) 2: 2. 59. Bertschy (Lindbohm) 2: 3. – Penalties: 3 times 2 minutes each. – PostFinance top scorer: Arcobello; Jeffrey.
Bern: Caminada; Andersson, MacDonald; Untersander, Henauer; Burren, Colin Gerber; Praplan, Arcobello, Moser; Ruefenacht, Ebbett, Scherwey; Sciaroni, Mursak, Fighting; Spiller, Berger, Jeremi Gerber.
Lausanne: Stephan; Heldner, Junland; Lindbohm, Frick; Grossmann, Genazzi; Nodari; Bertschy, Jeffrey, gentlemen; Moy, Emmerton, Vermin; Leone, Jooris, Kenins; Roberts, Froidevaux, Antonietti; Traber.
RemarksBern without Beat Gerber, Krueger, Grassi, Heim Bieber, Blum and Pestoni, Lausanne without Almond (all injured). – Post Shots: 24. Ebbett, 25. Untersander; 22. Emmerton, 60. Jeffrey.

Biel – SCL Tigers 4: 1 (1: 1, 0: 0, 3: 0)
6009 spectators. – SR Wiegand / Fluri, Obwegeser / Schlegel.
Gates: 10. Pesonen (Diem) 0: 1. 14. Rathgeb (Cunti / exclusion Maxwell) 1: 1. 47. Rajala (Fuchs, Pouliot / Exclusion Neukom) 2: 1. 57. Kunzle (Rajala, Salmela / Auschluss Cadonau) 3: 1. 60. (59:27) Schneider (Cunti, Kessler) 4: 1 (into the empty goal). – Penalties: 2 times 2 minutes against Biel, 7 times 2 minutes against the SCL Tigers. – PostFinance topscorer: Rajala; Pesonen.
Biel: Hiller; Sataric, Salmela; Rathgeb, Forster; Ulmer, Moser; Fey; Chantre, Pouliot, Rajala; Schneider, Cunti, Kohler; Kunzle, Fuchs, Kessler; Holdener, Gustafsson, Neuenschwander.
SCL Tigers: Punnenovs; Schilt, Blaser; Glauser, Leeger; Cadonau, Huguenin; Lardi; DiDomenico, Maxwell, Dostoinov; Berger, Diem, Pesonen; Dirt, Earl, Neukom; Kuonen, In-Albon, Ruegsegger; Anderson.
RemarksBiel without Hugli, Riat, UllstrOm, Kreis, Brunner, Wuest and Luthi. SCL Tigers without Gagnon and Erni (all injured). – 46. Pfostenschuss Rathgeb. – SCL Tigers from 58:55 to 59:27 without goalie.

Lugano – Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 5: 1 (2: 0, 2: 1, 1: 0)
5580 spectators. – SR Urban / Schrader, Kovacs / Cattaneo.
Gates: 3rd Sannitz (Bertaggia, Postma / exclusion weather) 1: 0. 19. Lajunen (Suri) 2: 0. 28. Lammer (Burgler, Postma / Dufner exclusion) 3: 0. 31. Fazzini (Bertaggia) 4: 0. 32. Vukovic (Schmuckli, Ness) 4: 1. 54. Fazzini (Bertaggia, Riva) 5: 1. – Penalties: 4 times 2 minutes against Lugano, 3 times 2 minutes against the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers. – PostFinance topscorer: Klasen; Egli.
Lugano: Zurkirchen; Postma, Chorney; Loeffel, Vauclair; Chiesa, Riva; Jecker, Wellinger; Klasen, Lajunen, Suri; Fazzini Sannitz, Bertaggia; Burgler, Romanenghi, Lammer; JOrg, Haussener, Zangger.
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Bader; Egli, Dufner; Hachler, Maier; Vukovic, Schmuckli; Gurtner; Kristo, Cervenka, Thinner; Simek, Rowe, Mosimann; Weather, Schlagenhauf, Forrer; Randegger, Ness, Rehak.
Remarks: Lugano without Morini and Walker. Rapperswil-Jona Lakers without Husler, Casutt, Profico, Schweri, Loosli, Gahler (all injured), Clark (suspended) and Wellman (ill). – 43rd post shot Fazzini.

Geneve-Servette – Friborg-Gotteron 3: 4 n.V. (0: 1, 1: 0, 2: 2, 0: 1)
6429 spectators. – SR Borga / Salonen, Altmann / Kehrli.
Gates: 7th Furrer (Bykow / exclusion Mercier) 0: 1. 33. Wingels (TOmmernes / Exclusion Brodin) 1: 1. 46. ​​Winnik 2: 1. 48. Chavaillaz (Desharnais) 2: 2. 57. Gunderson (Marti) 2: 3. 60. (59:14) Bozon (Fehr) 3: 3 (without keeper). 64. (63:22) Stalberg (Bykow, Stalder) 3: 4. – Penalties: 3 times 2 minutes against Geneve-Servette, 5 times 2 minutes against Friborg-Gotteron. – PostFinance topscorer: Wingels; Gunderson.
Geneve-Servette: Mayer; Jacquemet, Tommernes; Karrer, bricklayer; Mercier, Le Coultre; VOllmin; Wingels, Richard, Rod; Bozon, Fehr, Winnik; Maillard, Smirnov, Miranda; Douay, Berthon, Kast; Riat.
Friborg-Gotteron: Berra; Kamerzin, Furrer; Abplanalp, Chavaillaz; Gunderson, Stalder; Schneeberger, Marti; Rossi, Walser, Lhotak; Sprunger, Bykow, Stalberg; Brodin, Desharnais, Mottet; Lauper, dirt, Schmid.
Remarks: Geneve-Servette without Descloux, Fritsche and Wick, Friborg-Gotteron without Forrer, Marchon and Vauclair (all injured). (SDA)

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