Valverde: "If Pique is not well and not centered, he will play another"


Ernesto Valverde, coach of Barcelona, ​​appeared Friday before the media after two weeks of stoppage that have not left injured but numerous information on proper names.

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-The Leganes has not started the season well, but Aguirre can change everything. Will it be a defensive team?

-I don't know the changes that Aguirre can make according to progress. I have references from the last teams he has trained but a coach adapts to what he has. It is a team designed to play in a certain way. Aguirre is a coach who will try to wake up the team, boost him. It is a motivator. We had a bad experience last year.

-Wague is ready to start?

-There are two possibilities. Be able to change the scheme or keep it. Wague is prepared, of course. He already played a couple of games last year and if he is here, I can face challenges like that.

-What did you say this summer to Rakitic, it is best to leave?

-I don't have much to say about private conversations with the players, we keep them inside. It is true that the team is changing things in some things but I do not consider anything in the winter market.

-Pique has been in Madrid combining training with Davis. What do you think of this?

-If it arrives in conditions or not, we will see if it is on the list or not. I have talked with him about this matter. I see him focused and the things he does on the sidelines of football … If I see him focused he will play and if not; will play another.

-How have you seen the South Americans?

-They are all well, in principle. They have been long trips but less than on other occasions. Everyone is fine.

-Today everyone travels to Madrid. Does Pique have permission to go to the Magic Box?

-You will see. If you travel, we'll see if it goes or not.

-As is the defense, are you worried?

-No. We have players left over at the beginning of the season for any emergency. And in any case we have B. I think we have players to spare.

– Are you worried that Griezmann performs better with France than with Barca?

-Why are there so many questions that start with you? I always leave here worried about a lot of things. I look at my team. What matters to me is how I see the team. I know there are many eyes on Griezmann, but he is giving us many things and we think he can contribute more. It gives us work, play, continuity because it cleans the game.

-What phase of adaptation do you think it is?

-Well, it's in November, like everyone else. It is in the moment that can be better. The truth is that there are times when I no longer know what to answer. There are games that have played more, less, others in which it has been changed …

-How do you value Aguirre as a character, what can you give the Leganes?

-A clear thing he has is that he is a great motivator, in a great career as a technician. There it is over time. Reach the player frankly, directly. When a team goes last, it's always more touched. And he will reactivate it.

-What do you think of Riqui Puig?

-I do not know. You can have an idea but you don't know how to get it right. It is a decision that corresponds to the club and the player. We contemplate that it is close to the first team. There are many players in that position, but you have to make an assessment. There are players who are usually reluctant to go out sometimes because you seem to be farther away from the first team, but in Athletic there were teams that came out and we went back to re-fishing. I see the case of Cucurella, for example. But they have to decide club and player and the needs of the team. You have to see what happens also in the winter market.

-How do you see the calendar?

-It is a very important week from many points of view, especially LaLiga and the Champions League. They are hard matches. From here to Christmas we have strong parties. We have to be focused because starting the week can mark us.

– The biggest trap is to think that it is the colista?

– We are not to think that we have small enemies. They won us last year and if I remember since I was at Barca, we have lost with Leganes, in Granada, Levante twice … We are not like to think that rivals are simple.

Is it a good time for Dembele?

It is essential that you have continuity, training and playing. All stoppages since Getafe's injury have been counterproductive for him. He has not performed as we would have liked. We are going to touch wood. We are on top of him and we will see if he acquires a regularity in the game.

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