VIDEO – The incredible profits of Laeticia Hallyday thanks to the rental of her luxury villa


You worried about Laeticia Hallyday's finances? According to the team of Touche Pas in My Post, she is doing well, thank you. In addition to a savings, Laeticia can continue to lead his expensive lifestyle since it still has a large income: the rental of the villa Jade.

It was thought that she was squandering the fortune of her husband but she still has something to see. By questioning the lifestyle and resources of Laeticia Hallyday, the team of Do not touch My TV revealed that the widow of the Taulier still had substantial capital, including through a transaction with a US trust which, according to Bernard Montiel, would allow him to have a piggy bank of about 50 million euros. "Now, comments Benjamin Castaldi, it's clear because the investigation was done, Laeticia, whatever happens in France, has plenty to survive in America. " A sum to which are added the income from the rental of Jade and Joy villas in Saint-Barth, as Bernard Montiel points out: "In addition, I remind you that it rents the house of Saint-Barth […] It's renting 130,000 – 150,000 euros a week. "

The columnist even offers viewers to verify his claims by going to the website of Eden Rock, the agency responsible for renting the sumptuous villa. What we have not failed to do: weekly rates change depending on the season and holidays, with prices ranging from 20,000 euros for a room in the house in the hollow season up to 130,000 euros in holiday periods, with the services of a butler and a private chef made available by the owner of the villa.

The site specifies that a rental during the holiday season must last at least 10 nights, which should actually raise the slate around 150,000 euros. In addition to the holiday season, Bernard Montiel's statement must be tempered as prices fluctuate between 30,000 euros and 50,000 euros per week by renting the five rooms of the villa. A price certainly exorbitant but far from the rates claimed by the former presenter of Gag video, who claimed that "Laeticia stashed a lot of things". Even after verification, we can share the same conclusion as Benjamin Castaldi: the mother of Jade and Joy is far, far, to be on the straw.

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