Christmas tree for Berlin from Birkenhugel


The Christmas tree at the Brandenburg Gate comes this year from Thuringia. The fir has been beaten on Saturday in Birkenhugel (Saale-Orla-Kreis). On Monday it should be placed on the Pariser Platz. There, the tree is decorated by six decorators for almost a week with about 30,000 lights and hundreds of balls.

For the Christmas tree on Pariser Platz, the experts had examined several trees, before their choice fell on the actually native to North America Large coastal fir (Abiesgrandis) near the Thuringian-Bavarian border.

A Christmas tree for such a prominent place must satisfy the highest demands "not only in terms of appearance, but also on stability," said the board of the Thuringian State Forestry Corporation, Volker Gebhardt. A tree with gaps in the needle dress and faulty growth have bad cards there.

When felling the forest workers therefore had to pay special attention. The challenge was that no branches would break and the crown would not be damaged, Gebhardt explained. On the night of Monday, the fir on a special trailer should be driven to Berlin. According to Thuringian Forest, the Christmas tree there now comes from Thuringia for the fifth time.

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