German shepherd is watching on baby giraffe


German Shepherd Giraffe Friendship Hunter Jazz
Photo: AP / Denis Farrell

Hunter and Jazz make a rather unusual couple. Hunter is a Belgian Shepherd, Jazz a giraffe born only a few days ago.

But since Jazz was recorded in a nursery in South Africa, the two are a heart and a soul. Hunter, the guard dog of the Limpopo province, saw himself as the protector of the young giraffe male, nurse Janie Van Heerden said on Friday.

Jazz had been left behind by his mother after birth and had been found exhausted and dehydrated by a farmer in the bush. This then called the Rhino Orphanage, which is actually dedicated to the care of young rhino calves. But the orphaned giraffe was also picked up and infused with infusions.

Meanwhile, jazz is fed with milk and try to eat leaves, said Van Heerden. Soon the young giraffe could probably go back to the wild.

Source: dpa

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