The old suspicion about Llorente and Herrera


The duo. The situation pushes ownership to Marcos Llorente and Herrera, of irregular trajectory both in their first months as rojiblancos players. There is no other left Simeone that throw them on a visit compromised by the football status of Pomegranate. The memory of the party of Mendizorroza, where he Atleti He also trained with Llorente and Herrera in the middle, blurring the expectations of success of a couple who lacks cooking time. The starting point was not the right one and the exmadridista ended up substituted at the break.

The insecurity. The disconnection between the two was the tonic in the four phases of the game. It was played what Alaves wanted, with Manu Garcia and Wakaso imposing itself on the medulla with greater intensity and better placement. On a defensive level, in 1-4-4-2 of Simeone, they endured difficulties in tilting and never having control over rejections. With its usual 1-4-2-3-1, Granada presents a style similar to Alaves, with a lot of vigor for the bands – barely 14 attacks by the center -, which will force the rojiblanco midfielders to cover outside without losing Interior view. Although Herrera takes a height greater than Llorente and presses higher, the Atleti needs its positional understanding to avoid cracking. In Granada, the idea of ​​looking for Soldier with direct shipments. Llorente cannot go too far from the power plants in order to protect that area. Those of Diego Martinez Add players in the second play in an energetic exercise. On the contrary, Llorente can be clarified the panorama in this work to be the Granada a set with little efficiency in the interior passes, although the return of Montoro recompose this creative lack. It is the type of delivery that it costs so much to defend the middle athletic center by jumping into pressure without managing what it leaves behind. His individual will and physical ability are unquestionable, but his tactical knowledge remains under suspicion.

Construction Nor did Llorente and Herrera get stronger in the direction of the game in Vitoria. The Atleti was lost by the slow movement of the ball and was folded to the aggressiveness of Alaves. Granada extends into a very active middle block, with players always prepared to anticipate and resort to theft in individual duels. Llorente must be careful in the turn, effective and fast in the passes and manage well when to send the ball to the sides. Granada feels comfortable in the pressure in the bands, a quality that will force the Atleti media to choose the openings correctly. In view of the precedents, Llorente and Herrera were employed too timidly in vertical displacements and denied with this attitude a firm advance to their team. In Granada, a more refined version of both is expected, the one awaited by Atleti when he decided to incorporate them.

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