A needy Capiata visits Guarani in Dos Bocas


The day closes on the 'Legendary' field, with important points for the visiting team.

Guarani receive the needy team from Dos Bocas Deportivo Capiata, which requires a victory to continue dreaming of the salvation. He 'Aboriginal’Also wants to add, to ensure its presence in the 2020 Libertadores Cup and cut with the drought of triumphs.

After the draw against Sportivo San Lorenzo, the local knows that he cannot continue giving ground, in his eagerness to enter the main continental tournament.

Gustavo Costas maintains the base of the team that matched Rayadito, but with the he came back Uruguayan Jorge Bava, in the arch.

At 'Broom’The idea is to recover from the hard blow that Sol de America gave him in his last presentation. DT Carlos Recalde you cannot count on two of your figures, Maicol Fernandez and Miguel Barreto, expelled before the Dancer. The DT has not yet confirmed equipment, but admitted that a new setback could cost him dearly.

The commitment will start at 19:30 with arbitration by Alipio Colman.

Probable formations:

Guarani: Jorge Bava, Ivan Ramirez, Javier Baez, Roberto Fernandez, Miguel Benitez, Fernando Barrientos, Jorge Morel, Rodrigo Fernandez Cedres, Rodney Redes, Claudio Aquino, Fernando Fernandez. DT: Gustavo Costas.

Deportivo Capiata: Bernardo Medina, Angel Martinez, Jorge Paredes, Sergio Vergara, Isidro Saldivar, Juan Acosta, Eduardo Aranda, Fernando Bracho, Hugo Lopez, Rolando Villagra, Santiago Salcedo. DT: Carlos Recalde.

Stadium: Rogelio Silvino Livieres.

Hour: 7:30 p.m.

Referee: Alipio Colman.

The article follows

Attendees: Luis Onieva and Cristian Sosa.

Fourth Referee: Zulma Quinonez.

Background assistants: Marcos Galeano and Alberto Candia.

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