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A total of 114 companies in Argentina adhered to the Principles of Women's Empowerment (WEPs) in Argentina, under the program "Win-Win: Gender equality is a good business", created in partnership between UN Women, the International Labor Organization and the European Union, which directly impacted 124,000 women employed in these organizations.

This information was released in the framework of the event "#EmpresasPorEllas, WEPs 2019. A call to action", held last week.

In relation to their size, 60% of WEPs are large, while 25% are small and 15% are medium, those responsible for the Program reported. With respect to geographical distribution, 76% are based on Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, and 24% in provinces such as Salta, Misiones, Cordoba, Formosa, Corrientes, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Entre Rios, Buenos Aires and Rio Negro.

The most represented sectors are consultants, studies and agencies (18%), banks and financial services (13%), food and beverages (12%), electricity and energy (7%), industry and media (6%), Pharmaceutical and biotechnology (5%), health equipment and services (5%).

Among the actions carried out by WEPs, the most important are harassment and gender violence protocols in the workplace, the reduction of the wage gap, the economic empowerment of women in communities, and marketing and advertising with a gender focus.

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