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The positive first: The boys are happy in their vast majority. Nearly 80 percent said in a recent survey that they had been happy most or all of the past month. Only 6 percent said they were mostly depressed. This makes the boys the happiest Swiss. This is also evident in mental health: There are many more adults than children who seek psychiatric or psychological help. However – and that's the scary thing: the number of those who already need the advice of the therapists as children or adolescents is increasing rapidly. Just why? In the harsh Switzerland, where there is neither war nor hunger, and where we are the richest country in the world?

On the one hand, the inhibition threshold to go to the psychologist has dropped. While you used to be labeled crazy when you ended up in the "psychi", nowadays this is soon as accepted as going to the hospital. On the other hand, there are more and more psychiatrists and psychologists looking after the adolescents. It is quite possible that the supply will to some extent create the demand itself. So according to the motto: If someone was already at the plumber, then he must also have a diagnosis. Then you can settle the costs of the therapy with a clear conscience at the health insurance. On the other hand, we have had one of the highest suicide rates among adolescents in Switzerland for years. Every week, two teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death after the accident. Added to this are the failed attempts.

Something goes wrong in our meritocracy. A growing minority of our youth is experiencing greater pressure to perform. Part of the pressure is self-created. Young people are insecure and are looking for role models to compete with. Often they have to find that they do not meet their own standards. When it comes to who is the most beautiful or the coolest, the social networks have a devastating effect. But to push everything on Facebook and Instagram would be too easy. In the youth decide also the job prospects, since many do not meet the demands of their parents. Some boys become violent or hide behind computer games, girls become anorexic. Drugs come into play, many end up with the psychologist or the psychiatrist. For 50 years there has hardly been any more poverty and youth unemployment in Switzerland, but still too many young people, which we lose in the transition to adult life. We adults did not do well.

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Created: 24.11.2019, 07:47

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