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CDU insists on agreed annuity on financing and verification

At its party congress, the CDU has set conditions for the introduction of basic pensions for low paid workers. As a counter-financing must the Financial Transaction Tax introduced in the "European context", as agreed in the coalition agreement. A single national financial transaction tax rejects the CDU, it says in the motion, which agreed on Friday evening, a majority of the approximately 1,000 delegates at the federal party convention.

The CDU has also called for a flexibilization of the working hours law. She also reaffirmed her commitment to the debt brake and the "black zero". The resolution on the social market economy also states that "we are committed to the Maastricht Treaty, to the EU Stability and Growth Pact". Sustainability should be declared a state goal. Finally, the CDU wants to make the Riester pension more attractive: The insurance industry should be set a period of three years to increase the number of contracts by attractive offers by 30 percent. If this target is missed, a state-mandated mandatory private pension plan should be introduced.

CDU party congress concludes strict conditions for construction of the 5G network

The CDU has set strict conditions for participation in the expansion of the German 5G mobile network, which can hardly meet the Chinese outfitter Huawei. The ruling party also insists on giving Parliament a say in the matter. Thus, the CDU calls on her federal party conference in Leipzig a stricter course towards Huawei than the federal government.

Billionaire Bloomberg enters the race for the White House

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg enters the race for the White House. "I enter the presidential race to Donald Trump to beat and rebuild America, "said the billionaire on Sunday on his website.The 77-year-old media entrepreneur had repeatedly expressed the conviction that the previous presidential candidates of the opposition Democrats could win in the election in less than a year against Trump.

Kevin Kuhnert re-elected as Juso chairman

The Juso chairman Kevin Kuhnert has been re-elected at the Federal Congress of the SPD party youth in Schwerin with 88.6 percent of the vote. Kuhnert thus achieved the best result of a Juso federal chairman since 1969, the Jusos said in the online service Facebook. Contestants for the 30-year-old had not existed.

Europeans increasingly buy weapons in the US – study

Above all, US corporations are profiting from the rising defense spending in Europe. This is the conclusion of a study by the consulting firm Alixpartners, Welt am Sonntag. "Europeans tend to buy more in countries outside Europe than in their own partner countries," citing Alixpartners armaments expert Stefan Ohl. In the years 2014 to 2018, this share rose to 58 percent.

SPD wants to restrict arms exports drastically – newspaper

The SPD wants to sharpen the rules for German arms exports significantly. On Monday, the Bundestag faction should decide on a corresponding position paper of an SPD working group. "We want to further restrict the export of German armaments in third countries outside of EU, NATO and equivalent countries," the Handelsblatt quoted from the paper it claims to have provided.

AfD interior politician Curio announces candidacy for party chairmanship

One week before the beginning of the AfD Federal Party Congress in Braunschweig, the internal political spokesman of the Bundestag faction of the party, Gottfried Curio, has announced his candidacy for the AfD executive committee. In a video released on Saturday evening on the online network Facebook, the Berlin Member of Parliament said he wanted to help with his application as a federal spokesman to "expound the positions of the AfD" clearly and effectively to the public.

Schwesig: climate package is likely to come to the Conciliation Committee

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) does not expect the Federal Council to approve the climate package of the Federal Government on Friday. The cost distribution is "still unclear," the SPD politician told the newspapers of Funke media group. However, it could not be "that municipalities and countries lack money for local climate protection". "We will probably have to discuss these issues in the Conciliation Committee," added Schwesig.

Clan chief Miri again deported to Lebanon

The Lebanese clan leader Ibrahim Miri has again been deported from Germany. One day after the Bremen administrative court cleared the way for immediate deportation, Miri was handed over to the authorities in Lebanon by the Federal Police on Saturday Interior Ministry announced. Bremen Senator for the Interior Ulrich Maurer (SPD) emphasized that a renewed return threatens the clan chief for several years in prison.

Tens of thousands demonstrate against violence against women in Paris and Rome

Tens of thousands of people have called for an end to violence against women in Paris and Rome. In the French capital, whole streets were dipped in purple – the color of movement. The demonstrations took place in the run-up to the International Day Against Violence against Women, which is celebrated annually on 25 November. In Germany, the SPD and trade unions called for effective protection of women against violence.

UN Security Council affirms strong rejection of chemical weapons

The UN Security Council has reaffirmed its rejection of chemical weapons with a joint declaration. The 15 member states of the panel voted unanimously in the UK's statement. "The Security Council expresses its firm conviction that those responsible for the use of chemical weapons should be held accountable," it said.

Colombian President Duque wants to start "national dialogue" quickly

In view of the ongoing protests in Colombia, head of state Ivan Duque wants to start his "national dialogue" to resolve the crisis quickly. On Sunday, the dialogue will first be conducted with mayors and governors from across the country, wrote the right-wing conservative president on Saturday evening (local time) in the online service Twitter. On Monday, he will meet with finance, labor and trade ministers, as well as business and trade union representatives.

Ex-CIA employee sentenced to 19 years in prison for spying on China

Because of espionage for China, a former CIA intelligence officer has been sentenced to 19 years in the US. The penalty against Jerry Chun Shing Lee was announced on Friday, as the US Justice said. The 55-year-old had "sold his land" and spied for a foreign government, said prosecutor G. Zachary Terwilliger.

Netanyahu rival Gantz promotes government coalition under his leadership

In the deadlock following corruption charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his rival Benny Gantz has campaigned for parliamentary government under his leadership. "Given the circumstances, I call for the formation of the largest possible government under my leadership," Gantz said on Saturday at a press conference in Tel Aviv specifically addressed to the deputies of Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party.

Facebook calls for legislation on political advertising in online networks

The digital company Facebook is urging the introduction of clear rules in the face of the debate over the impact of paid advertising for political purposes in online networks. "Whether an ad is political and who may advertise political advertising is not easy to define," said a spokeswoman for the US company Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). "We believe that legal requirements in this area are necessary and we like to engage in discussions."

Amazon sues against Pentagon contract award to Microsoft

As announced, Amazon is legally opposed to the awarding of a billion dollar Pentagon order to Microsoft. The company filed suit with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The cloud computing contract is worth $ 10 billion and has a ten-year term.

London lets time pass because of missing EU commissioner

The British government has let a time limit from Brussels because of the still missing representative for the new European Commission. The Commission has received so far no response from London to a letter of formal notice from Brussels, said a spokeswoman on Saturday in Brussels. The Commission would now "analyze the situation" and then decide on "next steps", she announced.

Trump confirms the resignation of Foreign Minister Pompeo

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