Gladbach: Patrick Herrmann happy about 90-minute hat-trick


MOnchengladbach –

He has played 254 Bundesliga appearances for the Gladbach Borussia. And yet attacking racer Patrick Herrmann has recently experienced a novelty in the defeat against Union Berlin (0: 2).

The 28-year-old was in the league for the third consecutive game over the entire season on the court. This has never happened in the Football House of Lords for "Flaco". "To be honest, I did not know that," says Herrmann, when GladbachLIVE addresses him for the premiere game.

The crazy thing about this number is: "Flaco" has to wait for a new record. Borussia's own plant is the designated league substitution king. So far Herrmann had to go down 139 times prematurely in a championship duel. Only the former Schalke Halil Altintop (140 times) is still ahead of him.

Patrick Herrmann: "I can go all the way to the end"

Herrmann: "The record is currently suspended. But I'll take it with me at some point, because I've been in the starting eleven accordingly. Of course that does not hesitate, so of course I have no problem. I play through, I have to say, I feel really good and fit, I can go all the way to the end. The running data shows that too. "His four goals and two assists in nine league appearances so far can also be seen.

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However, Herrmann still has to shake off the latest bankruptcy at Union. He reveals: "We tried everything. That was really annoying – even with my header in the early stages at the post. Since two centimeters were missing. I'm really angry that we've lost, I'm thinking all the time: 'If you throw the ball two centimeters further to the right, then the game goes in a completely different direction.' I think we won then too. "

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Patrick Herrmann waves a new record against Wolfsberger AC

On Thursday Borussia plays in the Europa League at the Austrian club Wolfsberger AC. If Herrmann is allowed to play through in the Graz stadium, he has for the first time ever won four matches in a row for Borussia. Next Sunday, he could then, if he is allowed to start, either screw his league play-through mark to four or just eintuten the Bundesliga replacement record.

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