People who oppose the Mexico-Toluca Train highlight advances in dialogue with authorities


Community residents San Juan Coapanoaya and surrounding communities of Municipality of Ocoyoacac, Mexico state, offered a press conference to announce the progress of the negotiating tables with federal authorities, as well as the State of Mexico, regarding the work of the Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train in the locality.

The neighbor of the municipality, Vidal Acosta, indicated that at the last meeting held with authorities of the State of Mexico, the community was notified that on November 29 at 6 o'clock, the resumption of the work of the Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train, from kilometer 41.

This as a result of the 12 meetings and tours with the community, where the request was submitted to the community members, who in turn pointed out that the dialogue with the authorities is permanent and there is no rupture of the negotiating tables, in order to give continuity to the demands of the community.

He attended the press conference Manuel Hernandez, communal president, Vidal Acosta and Noe Moran Martinez, treasurer.

The holder of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Javier Jimenez Espriu, had informed on November 12 that the start of operations of the Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train could be until 2024 and that the costs of the works would have increased from 35,000 million pesos to 72,000 million pesos, so far , for the delays.

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