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Will Lionel Messi (32) leave FC Barcelona after his contract expires in 2021? According to "France Football" speaks for it!

As the French write, Messi is said to have called PSG superstar Neymar (27) this summer to convince him to return to Barca. Messi himself had announced his departure from Barcelona. "Only together can we win the Champions League. I want you to come back. In two years I will leave and you will be alone. You will become my successor, "quotes" France Football "the Argentine.

According to an anonymous source, the conversation is said to have taken place immediately after Barca's 4-0 debacle in the Champions League semi-final at Liverpool.

After much back and forth Neymar's return to Barcelona had burst. The Barca stars around Messi had made no secret of the fact that they would like to have the Brazilian back in the team. Allegedly, some players, including Gerard Pique (32), even want to give up the mega transfer even on salary.

What does Messi do?

FC Barcelona wants to keep its superstar, of course, until the end of the career. "Certainly it will be the will of all parties involved to extend the contract indefinitely," club boss Josep Maria Bartomeu (56) had recently stated. At the same time he agreed with the club on the time after Messi. "We are preparing the era for Messi," said Bartomeu in an interview with AP news agency.
He was confident that, for example, midfielder de Jong could "shape his own era" at the Spanish champions, said Bartomeu. "It is true that young players follow suit. Players from abroad or from our academy La Masia. And we are very happy because we are preparing the era for Messi. "

Messi himself stated that there are currently no talks with the Catalans about his future. "I want to stay in Barcelona as long as possible. Barcelona is my home. But I also do not want to have a long-term contract and then just be here. And I want to win more titles, "he said. Tonight he has in the Champions League against BVB ran (21 clock / Sky).

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