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Michael Rosin offers a ready to go goose in his restaurant. The chef knows why so many use the service.

For many, this is the classic Christmas season: crispy goose with red cabbage, dumplings and filled baked apple. But: Who wants to bring the feast at home on the table, must invest a lot of time. Unless he gets himself a "goose to go" …

For almost ten years now, Michael Rosin from Rosins Restaurant on the outskirts of the lighthouse has been offering ready-to-go roast goose with side-dishes to take away. Last year, the pick-up goose business was doing particularly well. "That's how you get the people who do not usually come to the restaurant," says the 58-year-old chef. For some, the fight with the club one, he rather reluctantly ausfechtet at the domestic dining table, instead of the white table in a well-stocked restaurant, Rosin believes. What counts for customers but above all: The goose to take away is much more convenient than preparing the roast itself …

So that the goose at home just as delicious on the table as in the restaurant Rosin offers the ready roasted and spiced bird not only already carved in aluminum cups, but also delivers in addition to sauce, potato dumplings, red cabbage, brussels sprouts and filled with marzipan cranberries, an accurate Instructions on how many degrees and how long the goose pieces have to be put back into the oven and how the dumplings are put into the water. 99 Euro costs the total package, which is calculated for four people.

Just as in the restaurant, the goose to go must be pre-ordered – if possible with two to three days forerun. "We basically sell only whole geese," says Michael Rosin, "otherwise we would have to throw away too much." And that is not compatible with his view of sustainability in the kitchen. The goose to go from Kamp-Lintfort has long since spread in the region, customers come according to the restaurant manager also from Moers, Xanten, Geldern or Issum. "We have so many repeat offenders," says Rosin.

For very stubborn fans Rosin offers on December 7 from 18 clock again a goose and duck buffet. At the "Weihnachts-Schlemmerbuffet" on the first and second day of Christmas, the goose in Rosin's restaurant is left out: "Then most of them are tired of roast goose," the chef knows from experience. Instead, guests will find, among other things, roast beef, monkfish, salmon or a Hugo cream on the buffet.

And what about Michael Rosin and his family on his free Christmas Eve on the table? Raclette with fish, meat and vegetables – Christmas without goose!

Michael Rosin – by the way, not related and married by television chef Frank Rosin – has learned the profession of chef in the former Rheinberger Hotel Rheintor. After a few stops he left his home at the age of 24 Kuchenmeister,

Since 1992 he is self-employed. For 15 years he led the restaurant Klosterpforte on the Kamper mountain, before joining his wife in 2007 on the Stappweg on the edge of the Leucht Rosin's Restaurant opened. More information: 02842/41044 or

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