Unprofessional relate death of young man by use of electronic cigarette: ProVapeo


The ProVapeo organization said that it is irresponsible and unprofessional to relate the death of a young man in San Luis Potosi with the use of electronic cigarettes, since the autopsy must be concluded to have a definitive conclusion; In addition, the deaths that have been registered in other countries have been due to the use of toxic substances acquired on the black market.

“While the complete information is not available, it cannot be said that it was caused by vaping or a Martian or that the boy had another illness; there is a void of information so great that nothing can be said and whoever says something with the available information is irresponsible, ”said Roberto Sussman Livosky, president of the organization.

The researcher of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), said that for more than 10 years of the use of these cigarettes in several European countries there had been no reported deaths due to vaping, since this activity was done with Nicotine or regulated liquids.

As he warned that recently some vapers began using illicit substances and dangerous to health, an example of this are deaths in the United States, where 75 percent of patients reported that they used THC (tetrahydrocannabinoid).

Roberto Sussman considered that in this scenario the Mexican health authorities have to recognize the presence of these devices, since ignoring them would be a mistake; but it is necessary that the necessary regulations for its sale are established.

“Nicotine vaping takes approximately 12 years and never produced such sudden illnesses that take two weeks to develop and while these people get sick and die in the United States, it doesn't happen in the rest of the world; we have been able to regulate for a long time, ”he concluded.


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