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Dog taxes in Switzerland: massive differences in cities


Depending on the place of residence, dog owners are asked to pay. The differences in the taxis are enormous: the tax for the first dog is between 70 francs in Bellinzona TI and 200 francs in Uster ZH. Difference: 130 francs! But also Winterthur ZH, Glarus and Zurich go to the dogs on the wallet. The dog taxes here are between 190 and 180 francs.

Dog friends with several animals come especially in Basel on the fee world. The city collects 320 francs for the second dog. A special supplement for the third dog is available only in Geneva. The first dog costs 107 francs per year, the next 147 francs and the third 207 francs. In addition, there is a 5-franc surcharge for miscellaneous.

High revenue

Behind this is intent, Comparis fee expert Leo Hug is convinced. "Some communities are obviously trying to control the dog population through progressive dog tax. Not infrequently, they charge twice as much for the second dog, "says Hug.

In general, the dog friends seem to be influenced little by the levy. Although the canton of Basel-Stadt has the lowest dog density at relatively high dog taxes. On a dog come 38.4 people. But about in the canton of Uri live relatively few dogs, although the tax is cheaper there. Incidentally, the highest dog density is recorded in the canton of Jura. There 7.8 inhabitants share a dog.

The dog tax is worthwhile for the public sector. In 2017, receipts swept the cantons and municipalities over 50 million francs. That's 17 million more than just ten years ago – an increase of 52 percent. The number of dogs increased less in the same period. The burden of the individual dogs must therefore have increased. The proceeds of the four-legged tax are used, among other things, for dog waste disposal.

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