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How did ex-Natitrainer KObi Kuhn die?


It is autumn 2013 when a diagnosis shocks football Switzerland: old age leukemia! The fact that KObi Kuhn has this form of blood cancer becomes public at the time. "I received the diagnosis two and a half years ago," he says in a LOOK. The former Nati coach undergoes chemotherapy, after he is getting weaker: "When climbing stairs, I felt like I would have to defeat the Kilimanjaro."

The first treatment starts immediately. After the first chemo, the white blood cells are already back to normal levels. "And with the red blood cells soon, everything should be fine again," Kuhn said. The professor at the University Hospital assured him that he would not die from this disease. "He said I'll take the disease to my grave."

Kuhn: "I have a lot in mind. I'd like to live a little bit longer. "It's about six years, in which Kuhn can experience a lot again. After the death of his wife Alice in 2014, he falls in love with Jadwiga and travels the world. From Peru to Argentina to Brazil or the Faroe Islands. He can still publish his autobiography.

But then his health deteriorates. Between four and five months he had been in various hospitals, tell fellow travelers. Lung inflammation, water on the lungs, pelvic and foot fracture, water throughout the body. Many investigations.

According to Heidelberg University Hospital, in the case of patients with old age leukemia, "the reduction of healthy white blood cells can lead to an increased susceptibility to infection, for example, long-term non-healing strep throat or recurrent respiratory infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia".

In the end, KObis body could no longer. In the end, the cardiovascular system fails. And Switzerland loses one of its most popular citizens.

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