How does technology help preserve the Cultural Heritage of Peru? [VIDEO]


Looking forward to the next celebration of Bicentennial of Peru and facing the scarce infrastructure that exists in the country to adequately protect the cultural pieces of the national heritage, the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) inaugurated on November 14 the first Heritage Conservation Center Peru.

The idea of ​​this center, which constitutes the first in the country that will be dedicated to research to preserve the national legacy, is to create a platform for research from various disciplines in order to propose strategies aimed at the protection and revaluation of the Peruvian heritage, as indicated to the Republic Juan Carlos Rodriguez, director of Heritage Conservation Center Peru.

The specialist explained that the center has three main objectives: investigation, the training and the transfer towards society of all the work done to protect and conserve heritage.

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“One of the main axes we have is the notion that something becomes heritage when society has understood and assumed it as its own. Therefore, it is important to know what an object, a site, what its wealth is not only in terms of economic value but also in terms of cultural value and based on this, start promoting its conservation, its protection, ”he said. .

Juan Carlos Rodriguez noted that the Center has won funding from 2,698 553 million soles, awarded in contest by the National Fund for Scientific, Technological Development and Technological Innovation (FONDECYT) and the world Bank, for interdisciplinary research work in order to create strategies for heritage conservation.

“What this fund allows is to bring researchers from abroad to add them to the Peruvian research ecosystem, and there we will focus on four main themes: the altarpieces in Cuzco, the golden copper (moche masks, pre-Hispanic metallurgy products), painting colonial and the murky mates, ”he detailed.

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Use of technology

The specialist indicated that for the work of analysis and protection of cultural pieces various technological tools will be used such as humidity and oxygen sensors, fluorescence of X-rays, Photoelectronic spectroscopy, and drones to make aerial shots of altarpieces and altars. He also stressed that the use of these tools will be for environmental monitoring and control of cultural heritage, in order to know what state they are in and thus be able to propose protection strategies without damaging their source material.

First focuses of study

Rodriguez said they are already working with the first focus of the Heritage Conservation Center From Peru. Among them, the Pachacamac Museum, the Lima Art Museum (MALI), The Pedro De Osma Museum, and the Cuzco and Lambayeque museums.

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