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"There are actually three main causes," explains the conservation biologist. First, he calls the insect decline. "The chicks live on insects and on the intensively managed agricultural areas, the partridge no longer finds enough food." Thus, the habitat for the partridge is becoming increasingly scarce, another cause. This makes the birds, point three, more susceptible to their enemies like the fox. Because he can easily find the animals in the few suitable places for them.

The bird protection center of the Naturschutzbund MOssingen (Tubingen district) is trying to provide more suitable habitat for partridges in a project. "It takes hard structures, it needs cover all year round," explains Sabine Geibler-Strobel of the "Initiative Artenartfalt Neckartal". For example, perennial flowering shrubs, because they provide secure breeding grounds and food until winter. "What we are currently promoting most in the country is annual fallow land." For partridges and many other species, these would have no function.

Twelve areas in the area

On Friday, an excursion of the conference participants to the newly created habitats in the district is planned. Hope to meet then partridges, Geibler-Strobel but does not: "At the moment, the day is in the cover and therefore we will probably not notice."

But it does exist again: Partridges have settled with the support measures. "Now we have twelve areas in one area," said Geissler-Strobel, "so calling roosters, of which we hope that they are then mated." In 2017, there were six areas, eleven last year.

"If we take action for the partridge, then we also promote a whole range of other species," says nature conservation biologist Gottschalk. Where the partridge still lives, so many other species could live – in addition to birds, this also affects the hares. "The partridge is therefore also a good indicator of an intact landscape."

Chances of rescuing the species are not good

However, the chances are not good in his opinion: "I fear that the partridge disappears as a bird of normal landscape and we may then have such reserves where we can still hold the partridges with intensive measures." In many places, the partridge was finally completely disappeared. "You've got to be lucky if you meet a partridge, because they're hiding well." To see one is really a stroke of luck. "

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