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21 bridges

Action film by Brian Kirk, USA 2019; 110 min.

In the course of a nocturnal shooting in a wine bar, which also serves as a drug depot, seven policemen lose their lives. The detective (Chadwick Boseman), charged with tracking down the two suspects, decides to block all bridges to and from Manhattan by five o'clock in the morning.

This dramaturgical constriction is the great strength of the film: a nocturnal hunt under pressure of time, on a playing field that rapidly shrinks claustrophobic. Unfortunately, when a new day approaches towards the end of the film, "21 Bridges" still reveals itself as an overly streamlined police film. (FOE)

Abaton, Arena, Metropol

In the police thriller Manhattan is closed off: «21 Bridges». Video: YouTube / AscotElite

Baghdad in My Shadow

Drama by Samir, CH / D / GB 2019; 109 min.

The Abu Nawas Cafe in London is where exile Iraqis meet: a poet, an architect on the run or a young gay man. Among the guests is also a Muslim who has radicalized himself in a backyard mosque and plunges the community into ruin.

Exile experience permeates the work of the Swiss Samir, from "Babylon 2" (1993) to "Iraqi Odyssey" (2014). Now he has made an ensemble film about it, in which all sorts of conflicts are negotiated by example. There are no figures, these are topics. Pretty are the staging details and the belief in a liberal warmth that applies to everyone, no matter where they come from. (BLU)

Houdini, cosmos

The new film by Samir is about exiled Iraqis in London: "Baghdad in My Shadow". Video: YouTube / Filmcoopi Zurich

La belle epoque

Comedy by Nicolas Bedos, F 2019; 115 min.

A company makes time travel possible, not with a machine, but with actors and elaborate decors that reenact the desired era. Victor (Daniel Auteuil) does not want to go to a medieval pleasure palace or to hunt with Ernest Hemingway. He wants to visit an ordinary cafe in Lyon. And that's exactly the evening he met his wife.

The comedy plays skillfully with sentimentalities and memories. It's French Starkino, Daniel Auteuil and Fanny Ardant, with biting wit, are the couple whose marriage can only be saved in the past. Wherever you look, more familiar faces appear. You can like this kind of nostalgia. (Ml)

Arthouse Le Paris, cosmos

An old man wants to relive the most beautiful day of his life: "La belle epoque". Video: YouTube / Pathe Films

La cordillera de los suenos

Documentary by Patricio Guzman, Chile 2019; 85 min

The Andean mountain range (meaning "cordillera") occupies 80 percent of Chile's surface. But earlier he ignored them, says director Patricio Guzman. He was only interested in Chile's history since the presidency of Allende and the coup by Pinochet. But now Guzman turns to the mountains as a symbol of imperturbability.

The pictures from the Andes are breathtakingly beautiful – in contrast to the shots of Chilean everyday life, which has made the documentary filmmaker Pablo Salas since the eighties, partly at risk to his life. Guzman's award-winning film lives off the contrast of these worlds of images, making it easy to understand why Chileans are taking to the streets today. (Bod)

Arthouse Movie
A documentary about the Andes – and what they mean for Chile: "La cordillera de los suenos". Video: YouTube / trigon movie

The Good Liar

Crime by Bill Condon, USA 2019; 110 min.

Betty (Helen Mirren) and Roy (Ian McKellen) get to know each other through a dating platform for the elderly. A first meeting will soon be followed by others. However, Roy is an unscrupulous cheater who is after Bettys savings.

Mirren and McKellen are a great cast. Especially McKellen shines in a role in which he can be extremely charming, but also completely disgusting. The story can not quite stand there – director Bill Condon and his scriptwriter Jeffrey Hatcher ("Mr. Holmes") obviously had difficulty adapting the special narrative structure of Nicholas Searle's eponymous novel for the cinema. (GGS)

Abaton, Arena, Frog Studio

Ian McKellen plays an old con artist: "The Good Liar". Video: YouTube / WarnerBrosSwitzerland


Comedy by Lorene Scafaria, 110 min, USA 2019

As strippers, Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) and Destiny (Constance Wu) earn good money in New York. After the stock market crash of 2008, however, no one wants to spend more, so the two women help the donation joy of their customers – even using drugs.

From a true story, Scafaria has made a lesson about capitalism: everyone has to peddle what is available to them. "Hustlers" is a kind of feminine version of a Heist film, whereby not a casino or a bank, but the exploitative system is cracked. The magic of the film comes from the study of intense women's relationships. (Msw)

Abaton, Arena, Corso, Stussihof

Criminal Striperinnen take out Wall Street bankers: "Hustlers". Video: YouTube / ImpulsMovies

The Lighthouse

Horror film by Robert Eggers, USA / Ka 2019; 109 min.

Late 18th century: A man (Robert Pattinson) takes a job as a lighthouse keeper on a secluded island. His superior is an old bastard (Willem Dafoe) who harasses him to the best of his ability. As the replacement fails and the two are trapped on the island, more and more weird things are happening.

The expressionist, black-and-white images are beautifully disturbing, and Pattinson does not fare so badly next to the towering Dafoe. Only: The more the two characters fall into madness, the more the surreal horror becomes mere randomness. When finally a mermaid appears, it's hardly worth shrugging. (GGS)

Arthouse Movie, Riffraff

A horror movie about two lighthouse keepers on an isolated island: "The Lighthouse". Video: YouTube / Universal Pictures Switzerland

Suddenly homesick

Documentary by Yu Hao, CH 2019; 79 min.

The filmmaker Yu Hao reported for Chinese television from all over the world and traveled to Appenzell, among other places – which she liked so much that she moved to Urnasch in 2005. Since then, she has been filming the landscape and the people in it and is now musing in her film about where her place in the world is.

This is something very introspective, and sometimes the director explains things that you would have understood by yourself. But she also has an exciting perspective, finds beautiful pictures, and perhaps the most startling is this: As Stadtzurcher, the Appenzell seems to be as alien as the Chinese hinterland. (GGS)

Arthouse Uto

A documentary about a Chinese woman who has moved to Appenzell: "Suddenly homesick". Video: YouTube / moviebizfilms

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