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It was a dream trip and nothing could go wrong. But in the life of the students of the educational institution No. 70480 Prague boy, and that of his relatives, nothing will be as before. The bus that transported them from Ayaviri (Fist) to the city of Cusco It fell into an abyss, causing the deaths of three 12-year-old schoolchildren and four adults.

Another 42 occupants of the two-story unit, belonging to the Power transport company, were wounded. Most of them are children.

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For those ironies of fate, the tragedy It happened at 4:15 a.m. in the area known as Calvario, in Huacarpay, located in the Cusco province of Quispicanchi.

Anibal Aguilar, father of a student who was injured, confirmed that it was a primary promotion trip and that the schoolchildren left Ayaviri at 2:20 a.m. because at 8:00 a.m. they had to board a plane bound for Lima. "Today (yesterday) they planned to visit the Government Palace and the Congress of the Republic," he said.

He bus, plate B7G-962, was led by Mario Oscar Sucasari Mamani, who is now detained. He would have stated that the accident occurred due to weather conditions and the poor state of the road.

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There is responsibility

However, the general manager of the Superintendence of Land Transportation, People, Cargo and Merchandise (Sutran), Jorge Beltran, said that, according to the latest GPS report of the vehicle, it was displaced at 81 kilometers per hour when in that sector the maximum speed allowed is 35 km / h.

He also indicated that, although the bus of the company Power He left a formal whereabouts and has the permits to offer the transport service, during the way he collected more passengers.

The fatalities are Lenin Anibal Andia Cucho (12), Sheyla Maricielo Arapa Arapa (12), Leonel Franco Quispe Huisa (12), who died at the Regional Hospital of Cusco; as well as Deyamira Bueno Morales (42), Nancy Calla Toncone (42), Eusebio Turpo Lozada (52) and Guido Rodriguez Cardenas (50).

Meanwhile, the head of the General Directorate of Disaster Risk Management and National Defense in Health of Minsa, Monica Meza, said that the Ministry of Health guaranteed the adequate attention of the 42 wounded of the accident

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PNP commander Fidel Gazaniga Garrido, head of the Highway Police, reported that the company bus Power He was carrying 31 students.

He recalled that last Sunday, a bus from the same company hit a truck on the road Arequipa – Puno. One person died and another 18 were injured.

Figures are alarming

With this case, there are already two buses that fall into an abyss in less than a week. Last Sunday, a unit of the company Central Tourism He broke down in Huanuco and left at least 10 dead.

According to PNP, from January to October 31, 3,436 were registered accidents which left 632 dead and 6,247 injured.

Of this total of events, 68 went by overturn. Meanwhile, 1,532 for failure, 1,535 for shock, 78 for run over and escape and 154 just for run over.

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Minsa. In the face of these emergencies, hospitals have the norm to activate their response plans, enable expansion areas with stretchers and medications.

Expertise. The driver will be subject to law tests to determine if he has responsibility.

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