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In the middle of the party for the classification of Junior at the end of the League II 2019, the fans have placed Ivan Rene Valenciano at the center of the debate, since the former champion with the Barranquilla club was very critical with the team at the beginning of the home runs.

Ivan Rene himself, from the front, as always, spoke of the comment he made just a couple of weeks ago on FOX Radio Colombia, when he said that Junior would not only not be a finalist but would not add a single point in group A. And to raise the tone of the discussion, he did not retract: "Playing like that did not add a point, it was what I saw in the first game. Today (this Wednesday) was about to be eliminated, but it is because of the Tolima goalkeeper who He scored the goals, Junior would not have achieved his goal and he would have missed the points against Tolima in Barranquilla He would not have had to suffer so much to play in Ibague the way he played One speaks to improve It is in someone to say it, have the weight so that they take it into account, I did not imagine that what I said was magnified, "he said.

However, he did not hesitate to celebrate that, on the court, Junior did not give the reason: "One thousand to one there are 70 thousand people who charge me for networks, but they are the same as they are happy, as I am and my family ", said.

Moreover, he accepted the challenge of being in the final and greeting players and coach … But after the game, not before: "The other day we were with Martin Arzuaga watching the game and he told me that when I went we lost. Comesana has the Kabbalah … Better not for Junior to be champion, "he said with a laugh.

For Valenciano, in any case, it is still too early to say that Junior rubs shoulders with the biggest in the country: "The largest team in Colombia is measured by titles, Nacional is 16, America 13, Millionaires 15 … There is the parameter, when I match those numbers, it will be the biggest. Junior is missing … We can't talk about the biggest one when you've won 9 titles, you took so long from one title to another, maybe that was the trouble. "

However, this Junior Athletic is, for him, more linked history than himself: "Julio has just said that this is a generation that can not be missed, if they win the triplet nobody will take that out and they will be the best. Lucho Grau, neither Valderrama, nor Valenciano. We won not three in a row, but two, "he concluded.

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