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The final of the Movistar League 1 has been involved in a storm of criticism that is aimed at the implementation of the VAR. Are the Peruvian referees trained for this technological advancement? It was one of the questions that fell after the first Lima vs. Alianza. Binational in Juliaca. Now, an audio of Diego Haro I would reveal that the use of video arbitration overlooked the protocols.

The sports program Modo Sele published an audio of an interview that was made to Haro on November 12. There the FIFA judge was asked if the use of the VAR In the final, before this, the referee made it clear that it was “impossible” since a protocol had to be followed, which did not happen.

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“First you have to send an order to IFAB, through FIFA, so that IFAB comes to Peru and shows you the protocol to follow. They are approximately between 6 months or 8 months of constant preparation to arbitrators both at FIFA as First. Then, before completing the course, there is a small tournament with lower categories, it can be sub 15, sub 17, sub 18 or sub 20, at the venue where it can be hosted, it can be Videna or some other club, so that the VAR cabin is there since a protocol had to be followed and once everything was approved, that the referees have participated, had minutes in the cabin, from there the license is given to the country, in this case to the Peruvian Federation, so that it has the VAR established in its championship and this has to apply not only for a match but for the whole championship itself ”.

“This is impossible for the end of the League 1 for this year. I think we can start from next year with the opening of the protocol for all of us and in this case, my person, both Victor Hugo CarrilloJohnny Bossio and Victor Raez who were already in VAR courses, I forgot about Michael Espinoza, we already have an extra bonus. You can say that we have five steps ahead of the rest of our partners and we have to have it all, everyone, everyone, everyone, we must be clear about what it means to be in the cabin and drive the VAR.

“This can end some wrong sanctions that we can have as arbitrators, because the arbitrators are here to do justice, but many more I think there could be with the VAR”Said the judge that time.

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