Only the British beat the Swiss in online shopping


Fewer payments by paying-in slips, more orders over the Internet in general and the continued popularity of online transport tickets – the Federal Statistical Office has another Study on online behavior published by Swiss. In the latest edition, Switzerland is also compared on an international level.

Online buying and selling

In an international comparison of online shopping, Switzerland ranks second with 75 percent of Internet purchases – after the United Kingdom. The lowest percentage reached Italy with 26 percent. 25 percent of the goods offered for sale in Switzerland can be found online. So she occupies fifth place together with Sweden in terms of global online sales. The country with the highest percentage is the Netherlands with 35 percent. The last place is occupied by Italy and Portugal, each with 8 percent.

Comparison of 2008 with 2018

The online shopping trend is evident in the study. In 2008, 37 percent of Swiss have shopped online in the last three months. In 2018 it was already 75 percent. That means an increase of 38 percent. Estonia experienced a similarly high increase: in 2008, 7 percent bought online, ten years later, 51 percent. The smallest change took place in Romania, where the use of online shops increased from 3 percent in 2008 to 13 percent in 2018. Already ten years ago, the United Kingdom was in the first place for Internet shopping. At that time, the value was 49 percent.

Digital products purchased through e-commerce

For example, transport tickets for trains or planes in 2019 are still the best-selling product via e-commerce. This is 8 percent more than in 2014. Second is followed by tickets for cultural or sporting events. It was 58 percent this year, or 53 percent five years ago. Books / magazines and computer updates / video games / software share third place with 44 percent. While music reaches 43 percent, films as the digital product are at the bottom of the pack at 20 percent.

E-banking in comparison

According to the e-banking study, 54 percent of the Swiss population used it in 2014. In 2018, the percentage rose to 73 percent. This puts Switzerland in the midfield. The lowest value was achieved in Italy (26 percent in 2014, 34 percent in 2018), the highest in Iceland (91 percent in 2014, 94 percent in 2018).

Payment methods for online shopping

While the benefits of paying-in slips have declined from 53 percent in 2010 to 40 percent now, the credit card has been winnowed to users. Just over a decade ago, 69 percent of the population used credit cards to pay for their online purchases. In 2019, the credit card was used by 87 percent. A new option came this year: the digital wallet. In 2019 alone, 19 percent of the Swiss paid apps used such as Twint or Apple Pay.

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