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Berlin (dpa / bb) – The planned Mietendeckel today is a topic in the Berlin House of Representatives. A dozen experts are expected to attend the Parliamentary Committee on Urban Development and Housing. These include representatives of housing cooperatives, the Association of Berlin-Brandenburg housing companies (BBU) and legal scholars.

The hearing is part of the rental cover legislation, which will now continue in Parliament after the Senate decision on 26 November. Depending on the progress of the consultations there, the project should then be finalized in January or February.

Red-Red-Green wants to freeze the rents for 1.5 million flats built before 2014 at the level of mid-2019 for five years and set upper limits for new lettings depending on the age and equipment of the apartment. If the upper limits are exceeded by more than 20 percent, the reduction of existing rents should be possible – but only nine months after the entry into force of the law.

Trade associations sharply criticize Germany's hitherto unique and legally controversial project. Among other things, they fear that investors will be deterred and that housing construction and modernization will be avoided.

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